"STEM-U-LATING Young Minds" 

STEM Innovation Networks,MARCH 2016

Photograph provided by 360 C2C 


Provide access and motivation to improve access to all postsecondary education and technical training and increase underrepresented minority student awareness of and motivation for STEM education and careers through improved information, counseling, and outreach.

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On Saturday, March 5th the Gary Housing Authority, Gary Indiana, 360 CRADLE TO CAREERS (360 C2C) affiliate host an National STEM Expo and Racing Car Challenge Competition sponsored by the United States Military Academy (USMA), Army Research Lab (ARL). Army West Point cadets demonstrated great pride, leadership (mentoring) and promoted STEM education with one-on-one interaction with local and visiting housing authority participants numbering over 100 youth. Among the count were members from 360 C2C  Richmond/Hampton-Newport News locality.

  • STEM Education and Training (K-12)
  • Career Training, Planning and Development
  • General Counseling, Outreach and Fatherhood Mentoring

Our Advantages

The 360 Cradle to Careers partnership provides a program continuum to support communities improve the quality of life for youth and families by inspiring, exciting, and engaging students living in public and affordable housing communities and underserved demographics in the diverse and challenging fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The goal is to provide exposure and encourage students to pursue an education and subsequent careers in STEM resulting in higher academic performances and improved economic forecasts for participants in underrepresented demographics.  

We provide approaches that employ innovative strategies or target particular niches that have yielded significant impacts.

Lastly, we provide academic and social support and integration to students in STEM fields regardless of their racial or ethnic background, yet promote greater awareness, access, participation and support among underrepresented minority students.

Supportive Services

Professor for USMA extends technical expertise to STEM inspired youth in robotics

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HUD STEM Innovation Network initiative


Your contribution in time is needed. Are you community oriented and looking to make a positive influence? Help join our mission for community advancement by becoming part of the  "Collective Impact" movement.

Students went on to say, "The best things about this trip were meeting new people, being trusted with independence during workshop and new learning experience, and making robots, visiting robotics program at Indiana University and Chicago, and being able to participate in a STEM workshop."

Providing STEM education and training for youth (K-12) using Geospatial learning environments, STEM career field opportunities and paid internships for high school students politically known as under-represented and disadvantaged that reside in affordable public, private and low-income housing communities Nationwide.


  • High School Students Paid Internship
  • Networking Support
  • Participation in National STEM Competitions


Creating Education Opportunities

Mission Statement


Educate parents and prepare community children for school through preschool and early education programs that develop reading readiness, provide early mathematics skills, and introduce concepts of creativity and discovery.


Provide program continuum to include academic courses, workshops and seminars, career counseling, and social activities found to have positive effects on persistence as well as positive effects on academic skills, test scores, first-year retention, and graduate rates.